Now in its fourteenth year, CCÉ MAD Week will again feature an exceptional faculty in all areas of study:

Liz Carroll - Fiddle (Advanced)

Brian Conway - Fiddle (Advanced)

Liz Knowles - Fiddle (Intermediate)

Mitch Fanning - Fiddle (Intermediate)

Donna Long - Fiddle (Adult Beginner), Piano

Josh Dukes - Flute & Tin Whistle (Advanced)

Laura Byrne - Flute & Tin Whistle (Intermediate)

Karen Ashbrook - Tin Whistle (Beginner)

Brian O hAirt - Singing, Dance

Alex Boatright - Concertina

Anna Colliton - Bodhran

Keith Carr - Tenor Banjo & Mandolin

Zan McLeod - Guitar (DADGAD Tuning)

Conor Hearn - Guitar (Standard & Dropped D Tuning)

Sean McComiskey - Accordion

Kate Bole - Dance Director

Sandy Silva - Dance

Julia Topper - Dance

Elizabeth MacDonald - Dance

Kelly Smit - Dance

Agi Kovacs - Dance

Maddy O’Neill-Dean - Youth Camp (Co-Director)

Eileen Estes - Youth Camp (Co-Director, Singing)

Joe DeZarn - Youth Camp (Fiddle)

Sandy Hoar - Celtic Crafts and Staff Medical Officer

Jesse Winch - Ceili Band

Mike Scheaffer - Irish Language