Q - Is there any convenient place to purchase lunches during MAD Week?

A - There is a shopping center within walking distance that has a Starbucks and a Giant grocery store (groceries, hot food bar, salad bar, prepared food, etc)

Q - Once the week begins, can I change the class I attend, if I find a better fit?

A - Yes, provided there is capacity in the class you wish to change into.

Q - Am I allowed to video or audio record my class?

A - Those recordings are by the permission of your teacher, and are allowed for private use only. Any further usage is by approval.

Q - Are there scholarships available to help with tuition?

A- If you need tuition assistance, email info@ccemadweek.com 

Q - Any advice on accommodations for out-of-towners?

A - Yes. The Washington Waldorf School, site of MAD Week, is on the Maryland side of the Potomac River. The most significant travel hassell in the region is the beltway bridge between Virginia and Maryland. You can avoid that bridge if you find your housing on the Maryland side. Attendees from prior years have found Air B&Bs to be a good option.

Q - Is it possible to communicate with the instructor(s) prior to the week, to get a head-start on learning tunes?

A - If you have questions, email info@ccemadweek.com and we will reach out to your instructor!

Q - Are there MAD Week activities throughout the year?

A - Yes. See the CALENDAR

Q - Are contributions to MAD Week tax deductible?

A - Yes. Please make your donation to our parent organization, the O'Neill-Malcom branch, CCE, and designate the donation for MAD Week. More information about this is on our About Us page on this site.

Q - Why are photo I.D.s required for child pick up? 

A - We follow best practices for child safety and security, including having multiple adults present at all time, and ensuring that we release children to verifiable, authorized adults.