MAD Week’s Youth Program is a nurturing, inclusive, project-based program for rising 2nd-rising 7th graders interested in the Irish Arts.  Suitable for all levels, students will have the opportunity to build their traditional music and dance skills, explore traditional arts, participate in community gatherings (sessions and céilís), and collaborate with their peers to build a unique end-of-week presentation!


MIDDLE Rising 5-8


9:00-10:00   Morning meeting, games, planning time

10:00-11:30 Primary instrument classes, based on level

11:30- 12:00 Social dancing, led by teens

12:00-1:00  Lunch and Playground

1:00-1:45 - Folktales, stories, and drama

2:00-3:00 “Centers”: musical instruments, crafts, singing, etc.

3:00-4:00 Session time with the community

4:00-6:00 Aftercare 


Do you require ID at pickup?


Will I be allowed to stay and watch during the day?

All adults must be registered in a class or as a volunteer in order to be on campus.

If you would like to volunteer at MAD week, please email

Is before-care and after-care available?

Yes, for an additional charge. Care runs from 8-9 am and 4-6 pm. You may pay for a lump (discounted) sum, or by the hour.

What if my child is an advanced player or dancer?

We make sure that all students are challenged and engaged. If your child is a more advanced instrumentalist or dancer, they have the option (subject to the decision of faculty) to pursue their instrument in the advanced MAD Week adult program. They will be escorted to and from those classes, and otherwise participate with their Elementary or Middle School group.

How will it compare to last year?

We will continue the smashing success of the 2018 youth program, during which the kids spent their week learning, growing, making friends, and having a blast. They explored (or furthered existing skills in) Irish whistle, fiddle, and dancing. They learned and performed Irish songs, tried their hand at different instruments and crafts, and composed their own Irish mythical stories.

This year we will continue our commitment to inclusiveness and child safety. Our new venue for camp, The Washington Waldorf School, opens up greater opportunities to immerse, explore, and enjoy these rich experiences.

Do any children register for the MAD week adult program?

No. Youth need to register as their age group, and are expected to participate in the full day of the program.  

MAD is committed to 2 main areas: developing traditional skills and community engagement.  The youth program staff- in partnership with the directors- have created a full day program that allows students to choose their own path but ensures that all students are developing these 2 areas.   

The day is set up so that all youth experience the three kinds of community engagement, while still developing strong traditional context and skill.   

The community engagement types are: peer to peer, interest based, skill level based. 

How many spaces are there?

Spaces Limited to 12 Elementary aged children & 12 Middle School children.

What will the children be doing ?

Kids will participate in:

Fiddle OR Tin Whistle introduction*

Social dancing and Footwork


Irish Drum (Bodhran)


Celtic Crafts

Irish language greetings

Games & Outdoor play

*Choice of music classes for beginner fiddle players or beginner penny whistle. Fiddle players must bring their own instruments.

May children in the youth program participate in other MAD Week electives?

Probably. MAD Kids expressing an interest in participating in specific electives will be accommodated, staff availability permitting.

Who do I contact with questions?

Please contact Maddy O’Neill-Dean, Director of Children’s Programs, at

Please note: The MAD Week Youth Program is a self-contained program, running concurrently with MAD Week’s other program offerings. It is not affiliated with the Washington Waldorf School.

MAD Week is a program of the O’Neill-Malcom branch of Comhaltas Celtiori Eireann (CCE). CCE is the Dublin, Ireland-based Irish cultural arts organization.



Activities from 9am - 4pm

Tin whistle if needed

Family access to afternoon community sessions & listening rooms

Before and aftercare are available. You can register for the week or the day on the registration page.